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Steinway Piano, Model D (1988)

Cristopher Queen Harpsichord (Hubbard Kit after Taskin) (1976); rebuilt 2006 by Hendrik Broekman

Yamaha S-03 portable synthesizer

Yamaha PF-70 stage piano


F. Lorée Oboe, model c+3 (1999)

F. Lorée Oboe d'amore, model l (1982)

F. Lorée English horn, model i+3 (1998)

Fox "Renard" 220 Bassoon (2005)

Fox Model II Bassoon (2007)

Fox Model 900 Contrabassoon #632 (2007)

Moeck Recorder Consort (NSAT) Baroque after Rottenburgh

Mollenhauer Recorder Consort (SATB) transitional by Adriana Breukink

Other wind instruments such as bass oboe, alto and tenor saxophones, and renaissance reeds may be played if provided.


Viola by Harry J. Reeve (1978)

Violin by Berthold Paulus (1968)